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Remote Personnel is a specialist recruitment agency business supplying high quality staff to Australian resource industry for 14 years. Our years of experience, expertise and knowledge on Human resources and Australian Labour Law puts our company on prime position in making sure we find the right person for our clients’ job. We have never compromised on the quality and services provided to our valuable clients.

At Remote Personnel, we understand the relevant fast paced demands in human outsourcing that needs a rapid response for your business. We have the ability to supply hospitality staff at short notice through a tailor-made services that will definitely suit your company’s requirements

Remote Personnel Operates with Entire HR Software

For all your recruitment and payroll requirements, trust in Entire HR Software for a seamless process that extends to effortless invoicing. Empower your candidates with the ability to log their timesheets swiftly and accurately via the mobile app, a transformative solution that eradicates the issues of lost or missing invoices, bringing unparalleled convenience to your operations. This robust feature even allows clients to authorize transactions directly through the app, promoting transparency and efficiency.

To discover more about how our integrated solution can benefit your business, please reach out to Chris Watson at 0417 247 504.


Remote Personnel
Is truly an Equal Opportunity Company

Our candidates consistently express that partnering with Remote Personnel gives them a sense of belonging and individual attention, rather than feeling like just another number.

In the resource sector, health and safety hold paramount importance. Operating in remote locales necessitates a heightened sense of responsibility from every team member towards their own well-being and that of their colleagues. Remote Personnel is committed to fostering a safe work environment by ensuring every staff member we onboard is not only fully qualified and experienced but also impeccably suited for their designated roles.

Pre-Employment Screening and Onboarding

  • Client-Customized Medical Examinations: To meet specific client requisites, we facilitate comprehensive medical evaluations, ensuring every staff member is medically fit to undertake assigned roles proficiently.
  • Rigorous Drug and Alcohol Tests: A compulsory step to foster a safe and drug-free workplace, our stringent drug and alcohol testing ensures staff are ready to perform their duties responsibly and safely.
  • In-Depth Reference and Health Background Checks: We go beyond standard reference checks to include detailed reviews of any previous injuries or illnesses, confirming candidates’ readiness and ability to fulfil their job roles without compromising their well-being.
  • Personalized Face-to-Face Interviews: To assess potential staff holistically, our in-person interviews encompass evaluations of physical mobility and other pertinent attributes, ensuring a good fit with the job’s demands.
  • Role-Specific Online Inductions: Candidates undergo an immersive online induction process tailored to their prospective roles, providing them with a solid foundation and understanding of the expectations and responsibilities that come with their positions.

Responsibilities to Our Staff and Clients

  • Provision of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): Equipping our staff with high-quality PPE to guarantee their safety and adherence to regulatory standards.
  • Verification of Relevant Qualifications: Conducting rigorous checks to ensure all staff members possess the necessary qualifications and certifications for their designated roles.
  • Continuous Training and Development: Offering ongoing training programs to enhance the skill sets of our staff, promoting career growth and optimal performance.
  • Open Lines of Communication: Fostering a culture of open dialogue where staff can freely communicate concerns and feedback, promoting a harmonious and collaborative work environment.
  • Mental Health Support: Providing avenues for staff to access mental health resources and support, emphasizing the wellbeing of our staff in all facets.
  • Legal Compliance: Ensuring adherence to all legal requirements and industry standards, safeguarding the interests of both our clients and staff.
  • Feedback and Performance Reviews: Conduct regular reviews to assess performance and gather feedback, facilitating mutual growth and development.

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